CorrMagnet provides consulting services, develops software products, and conducts training programs to control corrosion of oil and gas industry infrastructures.


The development projects are mostly driven by immediate needs of the industry. CorrMagnet believes that common industry issues are effectively and economically solved by bringing together innovative and practical minds. CorrMagnet is undertaking confidential projects with industry clients. The project details and results are held confidential with project clients for a specific period of time.

Current and past projects include:
  • Joint Industry Project (JIP) on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management of Risk in Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Underdeposit corrosion
  • Sour corrosion control
  • Microbiologically influenced corrosion monitoring
  • Development of new methodologies and improvements to current methodologies for pipeline external coating evaluation
  • Solid deposition
  • For more information on development projects or to obtain specific proposals contact: