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STEM-CorrosionTM in the Oil and Gas Industry – 2017 Course Feedback

STEM-Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry online course has completed for the fourth time with twenty five (25) participants from Argentina, Canada, Ecuador, India, Peru, The USA, and Venezuela. Sixteen (16) of them have 60 % attendance and four with 100 % attendance: Saranya Jagadeesan, Carlos Alberto Melo Gonzalez, Douglas Linares, and Haritha Kiranmai. The assignment written by the eligible participants will be evaluated and certificates will be eventually issued.

Consolidated feedback received from fourteen (14) participants are summarised in this report.

General Feedback

No. Question Percentage agreement
1 The course provided useful information on scientific aspects of corrosion control in the oil and gas industry 95
2 As a consequence of attending this term, my knowledge on corrosion and its control has increased 94
3 Instructor is knowledgeable in the field 94
4 Instructor’s delivery style and method is appropriate 94

Individual module feedback

Module Question: Materials presented are useful for me Percentage agreement
1 Oil and gas industry –Overview 95
2 Oil and gas industry – Network 94
3 Materials (Metals and Non-metals) 91
4 Main environmental factorsaffecting corrosion 93
5 Mechanisms 94
6 Internal corrosion – Model 94
7 Internal corrosion – Mitigation 94
8 Internal corrosion – Monitoring 91
9 External corrosion – Mitigation 94
10 External corrosion – Model 94
11 External corrosion – Monitoring 94
12 Measurement 90
13 Maintenance 90
14 Management 89

 Feedback on online nature of the course

No. Question % agreement Remarks
6 Given the constraints of workload, travel restriction, and other commitments, online course such as this is course is a way forward to share knowledge 95  
7 Things I like about the online nature of the course  
  • More informative.
  • Improve knowledge.
  • Convenient to listen.
  • Punctuality of the presenter.
  • Trivia questions for all classes.
  • Punctuality of the presenter.
  • Trivia questions for all classes.
  • Live examples in industry. We can easily share questions with the instructor and with the entire classroom.
  • Can attend from any where.
  • Easy to plan the day.
  • The strict of time.
  • Versatility.
  • Continuity.
  • Punctuality.
  • Flexibility of technology as it is compatible with mobile application.
  • Facility to attend missed classes through recordings.
  • Class timings and scheduling.
  • We can easily share questions with the instructor and with the entire classroom.
  • Power Point Presentation.
  • Good Voice Delivery of the Instructor.
  • Social Points paved a way to gain more knowledge in many aspects.
  • It covered entire area of corrosion of Oil and Gas Industry.
  • The comfort of being able to witness it almost anywhere.
  • The trivia are great for break the ice at the beginnings of the classes.
  • I do not have to drive.
  • Convenient.
  • presentation material provided in advance quite useful.
  • Discussion and info. Gained from professionals working in O & G.
  • Easy to follow.
  • Sharing of gained knowledge.
  • Gained knowledge industrial activities, in oil and gas industries..
8 Things I would like to see improvement for me to further enjoy this online course  
  • Network from my side is bad.
  • I have experienced connectivity problems with the website…needs to be fixed.
  • The records. I could not hear them.
  • More formal and strict to resolve KPI during the course.
  • Give the complete KPI before the course and explain the importance them. Additional, discuss it for each class like Sankara did. Then at the end of the course, the participants could share more..
  • I have experienced connectivity problems with the website…needs to be fixed.
  • Webex Recordings are not clear, many times unable them to hear..
  • IMaybe more picture or videos, of the process that we talk in the whole course.
  • You can give us signatures in pares for the participant can also know each other.
  • Need to improve on assignment. Instructor should ask students write weekly assignment and compile into big assignment at the end of the course.
  • Connectivity of network Some times fellow participants forget to mute their speakers.
  • More case studies.
  • Videos and pictures.

Feedback on online presentation

No. Question Feedback, Percentage
9 I listen to the recorded presentations  
9.1 When I miss the class 86
9.2 After the class to clarify the points 36
9.3 Many times 0
9.4 Sometimes when I have time 21
9.5 Sometimes if I have a doubt 64
9.6 Infrequently 0
9.7 Never 0
10 Based on the experience  
10.1 I will recommend this online course to my colleagues 93
10.2 I would recommend this class if it were offered as traditional onsite course 50
10.3 I will not recommend this course (please specify the reasons) 0

Feedback on course schedule

No. Question Percentage agreement Remarks
11 Most appropriate frequency of the class is    
11.1 Thrice a week 50
11.2 Twice a week 7 0
11.3 Once a week 36 0
11.4 Continuously 7
12 Most appropriate timing of the class is    
12.1 11 AM Eastern Standard Time 50
12.2 Specify another time (8 AMEST) 10 7
12.3 Specify another time (6 PM EST) 10 14
12.4 Specify another time (10 AM EST) 7
12.5 Specify another time (Noon EST) 14
13 Most appropriate mode of this online class is    
13.1 As it is - informal (with optional evaluation at the end of the course) 36  
13.2 More formal with routine assignment (with mandatory evaluation at the end of the course) 7  
13.3 Formal with professional certificate 21  
13.4 Formal with certificate from a recognised university/college 36  
13.5 Any other mode    

Feedback on course contents and uniqueness

14 Contents of the course are    
14.1 Unique to this course 50  
14.2 Available, at least in part, in other traditional courses (please specify the course) 21  NACE Basic Corrosion Course It covers engineering chemistry syllabus of Engineering Graduates - only Module1 
14.3 Fully covered in other traditional courses (please specify the course)    
14.4 Available, at least in part, in other online course(s) (please specify the course)    
14.5 Fully covered in other online course(s) (please specify the course)    
15 Special Lectures    
15.1 They are useful 91  
15.2 Number of special lectures adequate 69  
15.3 Schedule is appropriate 64  
15.4 Should be separately organised 54  
16 Trivia questions during social hours were useful in understanding the topic of the class 92  
17 Any other information
  • This online course provided useful information about corrosion in oil and gas industry.
  • Tips for assignment are very clear.
  • You can check whether the participants are really listening or not by asking questions at the end of each class. Because in the last few modules I observed that few participants left the meeting when you started asking questions and when you unmute them I observed their attention.
  • Very informative class.
  • Sankara is an excellent instructor and professional.
  • He has an excellent experience in the different topics covered in this course.
  • He is flexible and encourages the participants to study and understand the class.
  • He is pioneer in this form of teaching and he is giving a big support to the industry..
  • Congratulations and thanks.
  • Thank You for organising this online course, It was a great help and gave me more insight to learn about corrosion and its role in Industry. It also gave a good information on industry practices and management measurement etc:
  • Overall the program is useful and enjoyable.
  • This class is very informative class and please keep up your good work. Just a small suggestion, Sometime voice is not clear, so it might improve if you use a better mic.
  • It is the first time I attended such an online course. I really enjoyed all the modules. Thank you.
  • Thanks for invitation to join this course.
  • Very good and informative online course and enjoyed the class.


CorrMagnet consulting Inc. would like to thank all participants and special lecturers for attending the 2017 course and for providing feedback and Saranya Jagadeesan for collecting the feedback and forwarding them.