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STEM-CorrosionTM in the Oil and Gas Industry – 2016 Course Feedback

STEM-Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry online course has completed for the third time with twenty five(25) participants from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, India, Saudi Arabia, The USA, and Venezuela.  Sixteen (16) of them have 60 % attendance and two with 100 % attendance: Andrew Nordquist and Tharani Pannerselvam.  The assignment written by the eligible participants will be evaluated and certificates will be eventually issued.

Consolidated feedback received from eleven (11) participants are summarized in this report.

General Feedback

No. Question Percentage agreement
1 The course provided useful information on scientific aspects of corrosion control in the oil and gas industry 97
2 As a consequence of attending this term, my knowledge on corrosion and its control has increased 95
3 Instructor is knowledgeable in the field 100
4 Instructor’s delivery style and method is appropriate 93

Individual module feedback

Module Question: Materials presented are useful for me Percentage agreement
1 Oil and gas industry –Overview 93
2 Oil and gas industry – Network 94
3 Materials (Metals and Non-metals) 94
4 Main environmental factorsaffecting corrosion 96
5 Mechanisms 96
6 Internal corrosion – Model 96
7 Internal corrosion – Mitigation 94
8 Internal corrosion – Monitoring 93
9 External corrosion – Mitigation 92
10 External corrosion – Model 93
11 External corrosion – Monitoring 91
12 Measurement 96
13 Maintenance 92
14 Management 93

 Feedback on online nature of the course

No. Question % agreement Remarks
6 Given the constraints of workload, travel restriction, and other commitments, online course such as this is course is a way forward to share knowledge 98  
7 Things I like about the online nature of the course  
  • The way of teaching and  example nature one of remarkable.
  • Good online course similar to class room , while class time between question  is good.
  • I can watch the missed classes.
  • I can watch the classes again if I want to remember or clarify something.
  • I do not need to leave my home or work.
  • Professor is not interrupted while he is showing his ideas during the class, and then, there is a time for questions.
  • Can be recoded/downloaded so we can review it anytime.
  • I could meet people from different countries with the same interest in corrosion control.
  • I could practice my English skills.
  • I can watch and re-watch the classes at my convenience.
  • I can go back (rewind) to re-listen to a specific topic.
  • We can access to the course from any part of the world.
  • I can take the course wherever I have Internet access. In some cases, only phone access needed.
  • Course materials are available online, any time.
  • Class session is recorded for later review. No need to take notes.
  • It is most convenient way of learning the course on your own phase.
  • Within timeline you can go back and listen if you miss anything or not clear about subject.
  • Easily understandable.
  • Well - explained.
  • Recommendations / references provided on slides to refer for more explanations.
  • Sharing of knowledge with participants from various locations.
  • Communication, Depth of knowledge, Commitment, Presentation.
  • Instructor is clear and expert about the area of course.
  • Participants are active.
8 Things I would like to see improvement for me to further enjoy this online course  
  • I think that three times a week is too much for my kind of work and life. I think twice a week would be more appropriate.
  • It would be less stressful for me if the course schedule is early in the morning or in the evening.
  • I would like to see more photographs and examples in the slides.
  • Provide more articles, references, study cases per each topic.
  • I couldn’t access to the attached files and the records of the classes, so that would be an aspect to take into account for future courses.
  • Similar to the above question regarding delivery style and method questions.
  • Perhaps a weekly evaluation could help maintain the momentum.
  • If participant attended 60% or more of the classes, they should get a DVD with all materials and recordings. I anticipate that recordings will disappear soon. Right now, it is not possible for class participant to download and store recordings on their own.
  • Assignment process should be a little more clear-cut. I thought I’d read all the assignment material, but apparently did not. I missed all the deadlines on the components of the assignment.
  • The only way for participant to have access to materials and recordings (as far as I know) is to join the meeting while it is in progress. If this is not done, there will be no access to materials or recording after the meeting stops.
  • A discussion session on previous class prior to the class.
  • Lesser frequency of classes.
  • A sufficient gap between two classes to go through the previous class (required for working participants).
  • More info with respect to field issues.
  • More examples.
  • Add a self-evaluation questionnaire about the contents of the course.
  • At some places, it is slow. The pace of delivery can be fastened.

Feedback on online presentation

No. Question Feedback, Percentage
9 I listen to the recorded presentations  
9.1 When I miss the class 80
9.2 After the class to clarify the points 20
9.3 Many times  
9.4 Sometimes when I have time 10
9.5 Sometimes if I have a doubt 30
9.6 Infrequently 20
9.7 Never 20
10 Based on the experience  
10.1 I will recommend this online course to my colleagues 100
10.2 I would recommend this class if it were offered as traditional onsite course 50
10.3 I will not recommend this course (please specify the reasons) 0

Feedback on course schedule

No. Question Percentage agreement Remarks
11 Most appropriate frequency of the class is    
11.1 Thrice a week 40  
11.2 Twice a week 40  
11.3 Once a week 20  
11.4 Continuously 10  
12 Most appropriate timing of the class is    
12.1 11 AM Eastern Standard Time 70  
12.2 Specify another time (8 AMEST) 10  
12.3 Specify another time (6 PM EST) 10  
13 Most appropriate mode of this online class is    
13.1 As it is - informal (with optional evaluation at the end of the course) 60  
13.2 More formal with routine assignment (with mandatory evaluation at the end of the course) 30  
13.3 Formal with professional certificate 10  
13.4 Formal with certificate from a recognised university/college 20  
13.5 Any other mode    

Feedback on course contents and uniqueness

14 Contents of the course are    
14.1 Unique to this course 100  
14.2 Available, at least in part, in other traditional courses (please specify the course)    
14.3 Fully covered in other traditional courses (please specify the course)    
14.4 Available, at least in part, in other online course(s) (please specify the course)    
14.5 Fully covered in other online course(s) (please specify the course)    
15 Special Lectures    
15.1 They are useful 85  
15.2 Number of special lectures adequate 68  
15.3 Schedule is appropriate 72  
15.4 Should be separately organised 26  
16 Trivia questions during social hours were useful in understanding the topic of the class 95  
17 Any other information
  • The oil /gas corrosion method good  and I learn basic thing how affect oil well, and what are way to affect system by the corrosion , I learn lot of new things about oil /gas corrosion.
  • I am very happy attend the online class.
  • It is a complete, excellent, and important course for any person who works in the oil and gas industry.
  • I liked this course. It was a complete course with very useful information about corrosion, its mechanism and its control in the industry.
  • Very good course.
  • The information provided in the course is very useful and enhanced my knowledge. The information were further well-explained by the instructor.
  • As I stated earlier, it will be convenient if the frequency of class is once in a week. For a participant, who is working in a manufacturing plant with 6 days in a week with working time till late night, it is difficult to attend three classes in a week and also to self-study the class material within the time period. A lesser frequency will provide the participants enough time to go through the previous class material.
  • Thanks for the session.
  • Being in India, the timing of the class is 8:30pm. It is very tiresome to attend the class after a busy office schedule. But, there is little that we can do except listening to the recordings of the classes.
  • Even recordings are good.
  • My query is “how can we take this learning further?”
  • Dr Sankara Papavinsam’s class is very useful; I am in final stage of Ph.D. It is a very very good online course for me.


CorrMagnet consulting Inc. would like to thank all participants and special lecturers for attending the 2016 course and for providing feedback and Andrea Sanchez for collecting the feedback and forwarding them.